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always want to be someone else. why?
told your friend that you don’t like yourself that much. why?
you think you are not a likable person. why?
you don’t understand why you don’t like yourself, do you?
would you like to be me for a day? maybe you will think otherwise then.
don’t you know how lucky I feel because I know you.
and then we will just laugh at ourselves,
we feel content.


"space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence"
the soundtrack to a cold death among the stars

[ L I S T E N || D O W N L O A D ]


my secret slipped off my hand, spilled over your shoulder.

my secret is blue.


growing older

sometimes I wonder, how did I go through all those years of school?

I thought I was happy back then, but it’s really because I did not truly know sad from happy, duty from freedom. everything was okay and I was content with that. stick to the rule and you’ll be fine, or so I thought.

dear, how I was wrong.

sometimes I wish I had made more mistakes back then, so that I would not have grown as much fear, and so that it does not bother me so when I look around and realize how strange I am. I suppose I have a wound somewhere. where exactly, I do not know. because it does not hurt anymore.

that is life, it still is beautiful all the same. at least I am still here now.

Đưa tôi về làm gì?
Thương tôi làm chi?
Bên tôi được gì?
Để rồi bỏ đi.

Vết nhơ - quái vật tý hon.


Photo by Jodi (Talona Braxas)


Ólafur Arnalds - Rain